Rude Sheep Wanted

Eustice The Sheep

Eustice wants a resume (I haven’t written a resume in years so I’m probably not much help with this). Eustice would like the world to know that he would like a job. He needs me to type for him. He’s honest, opinionated and knows martial arts. He has a way with people and animals; they just like him.

Eustice says to put in that he is more clever than the average sheep (clearly he’s modest); and that is thanks to his Mother. He is kind and generally quite likeable. He wants everyone to know that he would not be the fine sheep he is if not for his Mother. Did I mention that Eustice’s Mom was the best? I never met her, but she was. He says so. I don’t know anything about Moms. I take his word for it. You will too if you know what is good for you.

He enjoys getting out in the world and checking things out. He also is a fabulous model (I put it in! Relax already Eustice.) Having him around has definitely made my life more interesting.

Perhaps I should simply let some of his favorite pictures speak for themselves.


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