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Eustice saw these while we were shopping. I haven’t had them in years. I know lots of people think they’re like lychee fruits but THEY’RE NOT. Why? Because I said so. Why? Okay fine… they’re not as squishy and I think lychee are disgustingly sweet.

Eustice sizing up a rambutan. It’s fun to say… try it!

can’t you hear him making yummeh sounds? He’s the rudest sometimes.

Eustice says they’re better than watermelon. Honestly… no comparison. Get some if you see them. You won’t be sorry because they’re fun to play with.

Does this hat make me look insane?
No. Of course not Eustice. You looked insane before the hat.


Also? If you throw them at people you can really freak them out.


This isn’t really a post.

I love my Merlin-dog… Even if he is sleeping with his eye open, which is creepy. Don’t look at that. His tongue won’t stay in his mouth because there are no teeth to keep it there. Who knew that your teeth are keeping your tongue in your mouth? Clearly not me. Isn’t he cute sleeping? Just say yes.

We waited for the giraffe…

Eustice insisted that I post this one. NOW.
type-os courtesy touchscreen

Giraffes Are Always Late

Today was my monthly “medication monitoring” appointment with my psychiatrist. Honestly she’s one of my favorite doctors (shh… don’t tell her). So I’m in the little upstairs waiting room, which is outside the inpatient adolescent unit and I’m looking, for the 472nd time, at this:

I’d love to hear YOUR opinion on it. Eustice said it made him dizzy.

Eustice announced it was past time for him to have some therapy too. Amazingly there was a new group starting today:

The giraffe got there after I took the picture. I was afraid taking a second picture would be TOO obvious. I have no idea what they talked about. I’m really confused about the bus… I mean, was the bus there for therapy, or was it the driver or the kid that’s planking in the back of the bus? Eustice wouldn’t tell me, “group rules” he said.