Eustice saw these while we were shopping. I haven’t had them in years. I know lots of people think they’re like lychee fruits but THEY’RE NOT. Why? Because I said so. Why? Okay fine… they’re not as squishy and I think lychee are disgustingly sweet.

Eustice sizing up a rambutan. It’s fun to say… try it!

can’t you hear him making yummeh sounds? He’s the rudest sometimes.

Eustice says they’re better than watermelon. Honestly… no comparison. Get some if you see them. You won’t be sorry because they’re fun to play with.

Does this hat make me look insane?
No. Of course not Eustice. You looked insane before the hat.


Also? If you throw them at people you can really freak them out.


3 responses to “RAMBUTAN!

  1. Rambutan. (Ram?!) looks like a pretty gnarly creation. I would imagine getting one of those things thrown at me would have the desired result i.e. shrieking like a little girl. My God, they look horrible. As for Lychee nuts, I agree with you about them being disgusting. I am a garbage disposal. I’ll eat just about anything, but Lychee nuts make that elite list of things I just can’t gag down. I had some from a can and they tasted like perfumed sinus bags. Yes, Eustice, that hat does make you look insane, but in a very appealing way. Say “hello” to the Nice Lady for me. Tell her I will try Rambutan, if I ever come across it.

    • Oh no, fruit from a can is NEVER quite right. Unless it’s peaches. Peaches are kinda good cooked. We’re glad you stopped by. You’d asked about the dress code. Eustice says to tell you that it’s always “pants optional”.

      • Sounds like my kind of place. I’m gonna leave mine where I can see them though. Had some troubles in Mexico with leaving my pants around. Just like to keep an eye on them. Old habit. Rambutan! sounds like a Kurosawa film.

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